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Pediatrician for Sterile Neonatal Unit of Al Zahra Hospital Najaf




Main objective:


Improve the quality of neonatal care in the neonatology department of Al Zahra hospital by ensuring work place organization, apply standard clinical protocols, and perform bedside training.




Sterilized Neonatal Unit (SNICU) including Baby reception rooms (OT and Maternity)


1. Work place organization and setup of Scope of service in the unit :( This is joint work action with MSF neonatal nurse):

  • Help in provision of staffing plan for neonatal department whereby a system of Nurse/patient is designed.

  • Proposal and implement organizational chart for the patients flow in each unit

  • Sustain the official communications channel between ObS, OT and Neonatology.

  • Ensure that a Professional Practice Environment is created and maintained whereby collaborative relationships between nurses and physicians are prevailing.

  • Work together with MSF Log Hospital and maintenance department concerning rehabilitation of broken incubators, water points

2. Develop, validate and apply protocols for the department (Sterile Unit):


  • Admission and discharge protocols for SNICU. Follow-up the filling of the Baby's Initial Resuscitation Form in baby reception room.

  • Continue implementing already developed and validated medical protocols for Al Zahraa pocket book in collaboration with Dr. Raid and resident doctors.

  • Reinforce the importance of early detection, early intervention and early transfer to PICU of the critically ill babies if mechanical ventilation is necessary.

  • Work with Dr. Raid setting up the post-delivery room and ensuring ALL baby's have a proper physical exam done before discharge home (vaginal and CS deliveries).

  • Ensure application of criteria to call pediatrician to the delivery room.

3. Bedside teaching and update skill of:


a) Resident doctors (note: 3 month rotating system of resident doctors in Al Zahraa Hospital)


  • Daily rounds (supervision, helping in decision making)

  • Admission and discharge criteria.

  • Performance and documentation of Newborn examination and estimation of gestational age (Ballard score).

  • Including the check of nursing chart for body temperature in the morning and night (avoiding hypothermia)

  • Neonatal resuscitation, including intubation

  • CPAP (criteria for need of CPAP and weaning from CPAP)
    Surfactant replacement therapy (INSURE-Procedure; Intubate-Surfactant-Extubate)

  • Dosing regimen of drugs

  • Daily working with Al Zahraa medical guideline book, especially

  • Fluid management (enteral and parenteral nutrition)

  • Prevention and treatment of neonatal sepsis

  • Hypothermia

  • Hyperbilirubinemia

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Seizures


b) Nurses (togehter with Expat-Nurse)



  • Support the importance of the nurses work in neonatal care

  • Give example of teamwork nurse and doctor in neonatal and patient care

  • Ensure that every nurse has access to Al Zahraa therapeutic guideline book and know how to work with it

  • Short training or lectures when implementing new guidelines in the unit

  • Refreshment of Resuscitation techniques (by using maneqin) ideally twice a year

  • Follow up of

  • Daily working organization of nurses

  • Feeding schedule:

    • Promote breastfeeding and kangorooh care in the breastfeeding room

    • Check and documentation of vital signs, especially of body temperature
    • Care of infant on CPAP

    • How to handle apnea of prematurity

    • Prevention of infection (hand wash, aspetic working, especially how to place and fix iv line)

    • Calculation of iv fluids and medications

    • Care of infants on phototherapy




  • To supervise the data collection of the neonatal Unit in collaboration with the medical team assistant.

  • Ensure that clinician is filling the patients' files with the correct diagnosis corresponding to the case definition.

  • At the end of each month, to process data and make comments for the monthly 'SitRep' To prepare relevant material for the Project Report every 6 months

Drugs Management:


  • Supervision of prescriptions given in the neonatal Unit.

Human Resource Management:


Participation in technical evaluation of Neonatal Unit resident doctors and nurses.


To supervise the medical team members in the Neonatal Unit, to identify their training needs and carry out formal trainings and on the job training as required.



Participate in possible emergency response interventions if needed.


2. Requirements:

In fact that Al Zahraa is a huge teaching hospital and therefore depending on the working area:

Sterile unit: Pediatrician specialized in Neonatology


Skills: Fluent written and spoken English, Arabic is an asset

Abilities in training and supervision of other health staff

Experience in writing therapeutic guidelines with good knowledge in evidence-base medicine and the ability to adapt this to the setting in Al Zahraa Hospital

Problem solving and organizational skills

Able to live and work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team

Patience and flexibility

Computer knowledge (Excel, Word)

Ability to cope with stress and in Muslim Context




  • Monthly gross salary (for external candidates): according to MSF salary scale + secondary benefits, based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy

  • Starting date: Asap



Interested people are invited to send their CV and motivation letter under reference "NEONATONAJAF12" to:

Médicos Sin Fronteras - Dpto. RR.HH.

Closing date: ASAP.

Replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.










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